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    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (2010.03.04)

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    default Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (2010.03.04)

    Post  WanMan on 05/03/10, 04:11 pm


    [b]Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (2010.03.04) | 62.79 MB[/b]

    The Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool application was designed to be another virus scanner and detection software from Kaspersky. The produst will scan the specified locations for any virus threats and remove them or send to Quarantine folder.

    [b]Basic features and functions:[/b]
    [*]�Simple original appearance of the program.
    [*]�Setting on the infected computer (including - in Safe Mode of Windows).
    [*]�Complex verification and treatment: search of the vredonosnykh programs on the bases of signatur, heuristic analyzer.
    [*]�Collection of information about the system and interactive creation of scripts of treatment.
    [*]�Automatic and hand treating of computer for viruses, trojan programs and worms.
    [*]�Automatic and hand treating of computer for spy (spyware) and publicity (adware) SOFTWARE.
    [*]�Automatic and hand treating of computer for all types of rutkit.
    [/list][b]Atonement for free of chargeness:[/b]
    [*]Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool does not give defence in the real mode of time.
    [*]The module of automatic update of viral bases is not included in the program, therefore for new verification of computer it is needed it will be again to get an antivirus with the last viral bases (an update takes a place almost every two hours).
    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool does not conflict with other anti-virus programs and can be utillized as an additional mean for the already set basic defence of computer.

    [center][b]Download Link[/b]
    [url=http://adf.ly/246619/http://hotfile.com/dl/31181131/50b438b/Kaspersky_Virus_Removal_Tool_9.0.0.722__2010.03.04_.rar.html] HotFile[/url]
    [url=http://adf.ly/246619/http://rapidshare.com/files/358881196/Kaspersky_Virus_Removal_Tool_9.0.0.722__2010.03.04_.rar] RapidShare[/url]

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