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    ZC Video Converter v4.0.1.1756

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    default ZC Video Converter v4.0.1.1756

    Post  WanMan on 27/06/10, 11:07 am

    ZC Video Converter v4.0.1.1756 Portable | 24.6 Mb[/b]
    ZC Video Converter is the best choice for portable media device(iPod, iPhone, Mobile phone, Pocket PC, Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune, Apple TV ect) holder. It also can author and burn all video files to DVD movie and burn onto DVD Disc, then you will be able to playback on your TV DVD Player. You don't know any basic knowledge on media and portable device, that's not a problem, ZC Video Converter will do anything for you.Whatever you need to do is to 1-click to select the output profile settings, and then click start button, ZC Video Converter will finish the left mission for you, output the video movie and audio music you want.


    1. Limitation on free trial copy: full length conversion try-before-to-buy, full copy without any limitation when rip audio track from video file, extra DVD Burner module without any limitation.
    2. Speed: the multi-thread design makes the conversion fascinating fast, specially when batch conversion.
    3. Huge file support: support huge file input and output well, such as huge HD TV file over 20gb size.
    4. Audio track selectable when input ts movie file.
    5. Digital Dolby audio support when output mpeg2/DVD file.
    6. Support digital device: almost all.
    7. Share DVD Burner engine with Nero if you installed full copy Nero burner.

    [b]Some Features:[/b]

    Support output video files: iPod Video MPEG-4, iPod Video H264, iPod touch MPEG-4, iPod Nano MPEG-4, iPod Classic MPEG-4, iPhone Video MPEG-4, Apple TV H264 Video, Apple TV MPEG-4, PS3 Video, PSP Video, YouTuble Video, Creative Zen Player Video, iRiver PMP Video, Archos Player Video, AVI Video, AVI Video, XviD Video, ASF - Advanced Streaming Format, Zune WMV - Windows Media Video, XBox 360 Video, Dell Player Video, HP iPAQ Video, Pocket PC Video, Blackberry phone AVI Video, Blackberry phone MPEG-4 Video, MOV QuickTime Video, MPEG-1 Movie, MPEG-2 Movie,MPEG-4 Movie, DVD Format Video, WMV Windows Media Video format.

    Author and burn video files to DVD-5 DVD movie and DVD-9 DVD movie.
    •Burn DVD movie files from hard disk to DVD Disc directly.
    •Automatically select Nero burning engine if you installed full copy Nero later
    •It's easy to Check DVD Writer Device detail inforamtion.
    •Erase writeable DVD Disc directly.
    •Built-in Sony PSP movie manager.
    •Built-in Video clips playback player.
    •Built-in Video Joiner.
    •Built-in Video Splitter.
    •Support portable device: iPod, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Microsoft Zune, Apple TV, iTouch, Pocket PC, Sony PSP ect.
    •Keep original aspect ratio
    •Zoom video picture to full screen.
    •Grab image when playback movie.
    •1-click output profile settings.
    •Video trimming and split cut edit-able.
    •Video file playback preview.
    •Shutdown computer automatically when job is done.
    •Lifetime FREE Technical Support and FREE upgrade .

    [b]Home Page[/b] - http://videoxdvd.com
    [center][b]Download Links:[/b]
    [b]Hotfile[/b]hotfile.com ZC_Video_Converter_v4.0.1.1756.rar.html

    [b]Rapidshare[/b]rapidshare.com ZC_Video_Converter_v4.0.1.1756.rar.html[

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