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    RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009]

    Jr. Sakura
    Jr. Sakura

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    RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009] Left_bar_bleue999 / 999999 / 999RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009] Right_bar_bleue

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    default RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009]

    Post  Bunda on 01/03/09, 06:01 pm



    RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009]

    The RealPlayer is the first product that integrates Real's revolutionary new Harmony technology. RealPlayer enables consumers to buy and download music that plays on more than 100 portable devices, including the Apple iPod. RealPlayer is the only digital-media player you need for finding and downloading new music, playing and managing audio and video clips, and taking your digital entertainment with you
    Helix Powered RealPlayer is the all-in-one digital media player that lets you find anything and play everything. This popular streaming-media player offers improved video controls and access to 3200 radio stations. RealPlayer also includes an option during setup to install the Real Toolbar for Internet Explorer. With RealPlayer you get an improved graphic equalizer and media services, including a radio tuner and an artist and music guide. Meanwhile, the Take 5 news service can offer you daily sports updates. A contextual video search helps you find interviews with your favorite artists. The RealPlayer music store lets you buy music files. Finally, you can use the software to transfer files to CDs and portable devices.

    [b]Features of RealPlayer :[/b]
    • Best video & audio quality ever
    • Plays CDs, DVDs and all major file types.
    • Integrated Music Store
    • Harmony™ Technology – download music to 100 secure portable devices
    • Download selected songs for only 49ў in RealPlayer
    • Online Radio: Over 3200 stations worldwide & 60 ad-free stations for endless listening.
    • Expanded Controls: Optimize sound with the 10-Band Graphic Equalizer and get the sharpest picture with advanced video controls.
    • Advanced CD Burning: Rip, mix & burn CDs like a pro - fast! Encode MP3s at up to 320kbps.
    • Play Everything: RealOne Player plays all major media formats including Quicktime MPEG-4, Windows Media, DVDs, & more.
    • Easy, Fun & Intuitive: Browse the web, organize audio & video files, create playlists, & more!

    Real Networks RealPlayer 11- the next major version of its media player software. The jukebox is the first to focus attention on capturing web-based video instead of simply offering tools to play it back. A unique extension to the player's web plugin can automatically detect videos that are recordable from the web and saves multiple clips at one time; this works for both live video events as well as prerecorded shows, Real says. The software is intelligent enough to also recognize copy protection on certain streams and will refuse downloads when DRM appears. Any video can be linked to a friend through a sharing feature to save the trouble of recreating the link.

    Equally new in version 11 is Video CD recording. Any saved video recognized by RealPlayer can be burned as a standard VCD, which works both in a large number of DVD players as well as some playback tools on computers without any version of RealPlayer installed. The paid Plus version will also burn directly to DVD.

    Overall performance has been given a boost, Real claims, in terms of load times as well as an improved visual interface and a less intrusive install routine. Support for multiple player-specific formats such as QuickTime and Windows Media will carry over from earlier versions
    rapidshare.com RealPlayer11GOLD.rar

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    RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009] Titik110

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    RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009] Left_bar_bleue999 / 999999 / 999RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009] Right_bar_bleue

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    default Re: RealPlayer Premium 11.0.8 Build - [26-02-2009]

    Post  indra on 03/03/09, 08:48 am

    ini post yang sangat bagus
    makasih yah infonya

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