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    Word Magic Professional Suite Premier v5.2

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    default Word Magic Professional Suite Premier v5.2

    Post  Vivian on 01/02/09, 06:12 am

    Word Magic Professional Suite Premier v5.2[/b]
    bundle of ‘the best of the best.’ All our premium translation products in a single streamlined package designed to tackle any type of need and help any type of user: a Translator with Interactive capabilities, a Professional Dictionary, Visual and Voiced Aids to help in the selection of the best output and to save you time and effort, a Pop-Up consultation tool, a Dictionary Plug-in for MS Office and three of our superior technical compendiums. Just slide behind the wheel and smell the leather…

    [b]It Includes:[/b]
    * Translator Professional Plus
    * Dictionary & Tools Professional Redesigned
    * Complete Add-ons Pack
    * Dictionary & Tools for MS Office Improved
    * Point & Click Dictionary Improved
    * Three Technical Dictionaries:
    • Law
    • Business & Finance
    • Information Technology

    rapidshare.com WordMagic_v5.2.part1.rar
    rapidshare.com WordMagic_v5.2.part2.rar
    rapidshare.com WordMagic_v5.2.part3.rar[

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